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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Aug 14, 2017

THIS EPISODE: Meet a girl who is terrified by Tim Hawkins. Plus, Peaches and I discuss the sinister evil that is Multi-Level Marketing and the impact it is having on stupid people.
I catch a ride from the airport from a young lady who is afraid of Tim Hawkins. I'll try to help her deal with this unusual phobia.
Peaches sets me straight on the difference between leggings and Spanx. I'm not sure she's correct but I don't have data to refute her. The entire concept of tight undergarments seems dishonest to me.
The multi-level marketing phenomena is apparently destroying the finances AND the spiritual welfare of western culture. Maybe I'm overreacting, but I don't think so. The Peaches reads an article from a hapless woman who has been victimized by the promise of profits.
It is difficult to earn a lot of money in an MLM's difficult to earn a lot of money PERIOD. It may not be because MLM is evil...but let's just assume it is.
It seems that good business practice is important, even if you're doing MLM. The profits aren't automatic. Huh. That comes as a complete surprise!
Generally speaking, people who are trying to sell you something are not always the most reliable counselors about whether or not you should buy that something. In other words, salespeople don't usually give unbiased financial advice. More evil!
Peaches tells about the time a can of air freshener almost cost her twelve hundred bucks.
Some words of advice, Pkarlgh, when someone gets you to say "yes" several times in a row, hang on to your checkbook.
I talk a little bit about a pair of marooned women who smoked a lot of cigarettes and left me to watch their car. 
There are some people who believe that wealth has NOTHING to do with activities. Some people believe that money falls out of the sky randomly. These people get mad at the universe (or "rich people") because they're horrible managers of money.
I can't figure out why drug dealers seem to live in slums when drugs bring in A LOT of money.
Then I tell a story about the time I quit my job. I'm not telling the story to make you think I'm awesome, Pkarlgh. I'm just telling you what tends to happen when you have a good work ethic.  FREE GASOLINE!
Peaches explains why women are not good employees. (If you aren't totally insulted, I think you'll agree with what she says.) If you work at Google, you might disagree.
Priorities matter. You can be rich if you prioritize it, but it's going to cost you something. 
Peaches explains how insurance works to Cami (who is 6 years old).
Then I check back with the girl who is afraid of Tim to find out if she has conquered her fears after actually meeting him.