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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Dec 11, 2017

THIS EPISODE - Student Loans and Personal Responsibility
Cami gives her 6-year old version of famous axioms. I try to goad Peter Heck back onto the podcast to discuss Trump...we'll see if that ever happens. Washing machines are sign of intelligence. Sometimes people borrow more money than they need. We try to figure out whether or not they should pay it back. And expecting people to pay off loans doesn't mean they're lazy...or something...I'm not sure exactly. Peaches brought it up..
Then I have a temper tantrum about construction paper. I explain economics and the "magic money" concept. Who has the most important job in the world? Luke and Mandy's teeny-weeny first home. Luke's budgeting system that's based on buying gigantic pizza. Then we figure out exactly what kind of cake Jesus would bake. Mandy gets pretty famous in the comment section of Matt Walsh's blog so she's probably going to be leaving my tiny podcast soon...