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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Aug 21, 2017

THIS EPISODE: All Branyan Family - Butt Club, Tuxedos, Dawn Treader
Chaos reigns on Sunday afternoons so when Marla (soon to be an official Branyan) tells me she's going to book club...I didn't hear exactly what she said. Then she tells me what IBTC stands for and I consider kicking her off the podcast.
Timothy comes up a product that ought to be marketed. Tim's dog kinda looks like my wife's deceased dog (before he was deceased).
Marla is reading 'Chasing Slow' and she gives a brief review. Cami decides this is a great time to wind up a music box and let it play next to the recorder...
Tabby and Joe show up to discuss their dangerous driving habits. Luke (Peach's husband) wins the prize for most reckless.
There's a banana split cake in the house and that brightens up the whole neighborhood. Tabby explains that there are pots at her house as an enticement to visit her. We're not motivated to go see them...
Joe is hanging a mirror at his house and that gives us a reason to make a bunch of stupid 'stud finder' jokes.
We sit down to eat a tub of left over church spaghetti. It's delicious.
We spend a little time discussing video game morality. (I don't think shooting innocent bystanders in Fallout makes me a 'bad guy')
Emmi sits on my lap and reads a bit. She's almost impossible to understand so we don't know if she's reading correctly or not.
Since Tim and Marla left, we talk about Tim behind his back. He's planning to promote MMA fights and we try to imagine what that will look like.  (Collin uses The Force  on all of us)
Tabby talks about how the theater affects her then gripes about being cut from Civic Theater.
Then Andrew, Tim and I go to get fitted for Tuxedos. Tim is getting married and I give him a pop-quiz to see how much he actually knows about his own wedding.
Then, I head to the McKinney house to eat KFC. I'm starving. The Peaches can't seem to get settled on a topic of conversation and I almost die of starvation waiting for this segment to get off the ground.
Should we have a guest agitator on the podcast, Pkarlgh?
Should Donald Trump specifically renounce the KKK?  
Then, later (and by that I mean, on another day) Tim and Marla come over so Tim can sell his house to Andrew. Apparently, Tim is struggling with illiterate home buyers. He does a good job of making a point even though there's a bird sitting on his head.