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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Dec 26, 2016

Dustin Nickerson

Comedian Dustin Nickerson agrees to converse with me in what will likely be our final dialogue before his career takes off and he forgets who I am.  We discuss Rick Moranis and his impact on both of our careers. Then we ask Carl help us figure out who looks most like me: Me or Dustin. I grill Dustin about clinging to the outrageous idea that he can be a Christian while still performing in comedy clubs. We contempt the tiny toilets in church nurseries too. I cleverly mask my jealousy at Dustin's rapid success as compared to my own. Then things take a philosophical turn...(dramatic music)

Dustin unflinchingly compromises his convictions regarding comedy. Then I present my unquestionably correct philosophy and Dustin agrees with that too. Is comedy for the comic or the audience?  Final word: "Ummm. Not sure..."

Morality pops up again. If I have to say so myself (and I do), there are a couple of profound insights revealed. Turns out, Dustin is almost as much of a nerd as I am when it comes to apologetics.  It is suggested that the more we know about religion, the less certain we are about religion... (Dustin uses some bigs words and I find it kind of offensive.)  Blah, Blah, politics again, blah, blah. We agree that everybody thinks they're right. And we mention Johnny Cash too.

And we congratulate you, Carl, for tolerating us.