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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Jan 2, 2017

Because I don't always listen to the voice that whispers, 'this isn't a good idea', Peter Heck joins me on this episode. We start with a heartwarming holiday tale of Peter's trip to the eye doctor to have a foreign object removed via a method that could be featured in a 'Saw' movie. Then we discuss family, school and Pete's unhealthy obsession with radio broadcasting. In Pete's twisted mind, he thinks anxiety improves his performance. I mock him for this. 

Between Pete's important text messages, he shares his positively Medieval views of marriage. Then, although we disagree about Trump, we discuss Trump but not before being treated to Pete's rant about Disney World ignorance. We try to decide who to blame for political divisions among Christians. We try to decide whether or not we're correct about conservative values. We positively agree that we absolutely do not know for sure. Then we decide that we're pretty closed-minded and that's what makes conversation possible. Finally, there is profound wisdom revealed by the lack of whales in a glass of water.

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