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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Mar 6, 2017

We head over to the Farkas household to play board games! If a board game was in the woods and nobody was around to play it, would it still be fun? Tabby explains why bad lighting is good for decorating. Then we figure out what groups of animals are called. (Do you know what to call a group of giraffes?  We do!) Then the girls discuss some bad job experiences which may or may not have happened depending on who is listening to this.

Then the Peaches and I discuss putting blog commenters into the spam folder because it makes them FREAK OUT.  Then, Peaches shares her crazy theory about how God can change his mind. (It may be my crazy theory too but don't tell her.)  I'm so full of contradictions that it must mean I'm sophisticated. Then we overthink whether or not it's possible to overthink things.

My dad has a hard time trusting calendars. Some atheists see his point. They're both insane.  Then we talk about how people are way better than animals. All animals. Not even close.  We put out a call for some input from you listeners!  Carl, give us a shout!