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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

May 22, 2017

Graduation looms close and the family discusses what to serve at our dual graduation party. Triangles are important. We seem to suddenly be concerned with appearing 'classy'. Andrew is bombarded with suggestions for senior pictures. Then he gives a command performance on his ocarina. You're invited to the graduation Pkarlgh! The grandkids are summoned from the room because they were eating birdseed in the playroom (not all of them, just Emmi).
We discuss weird world records. We've thrown open the suggestion line too, Pkarlgh. You can suggest world records for me to break. Send suggestions to . 
Road Trip! Got a show with Luke McKinney and we piled into the ole' mini-van. We discussed comedy clubs and 'clean comedy'. Apparently Luke was the funniest guy on stage at our last show!  So the competition is heating up. We discuss bad comedy and Todd Hawkins name comes up. I can't control the conversations!  I just operate the recorder. There's no such thing as 'funniest' and I stand by that!  Nobody agrees with me but I don't care. Then we discuss how cupcakes are a good indicator for how good the week has been. Luke explains his comedy goals. And I offer a suggestion for you, Pkarlgh, if you ever want to suffer abject humiliation.
I've included a short clip from Luke's set that totally threw me off my game. You can listen to it...
Our gang went to 'The Escape Room' in Indianapolis. We were supposed to steal the Mona Lisa. We almost got away with it but ran out of time. I blame everyone else. 
Lori almost runs over some folks (though she says otherwise). I retell the story about the time I got hit by a bus and earned my nickname. Tabby reminds us of everyone's nicknames (which she assigned). Then we remember one of our favorite memories from our family cruise a few years back too.
I have an idea for a Comedy getaway at a resort. Would you want to come to something like that, Pkarlgh?
Andrew talks with me about Senior Skip Day. It's pretty inspiring. Also, Kiki the bird chirps some.