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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Jan 30, 2017

This episode starts with me proving my comedy chops by making a 5-month old baby laugh hysterically. Her diaper was wet afterward! I'm THAT funny!

Then I start the podcast without notifying Peaches and she's none the wiser. We discuss Trump because he's the President of the United States now. It's kind of neat and sad that our President is a petulant child. And remember how Mitt Romney used to drive with dogs on his car?  Who cares how many people show up at the inauguration of the President?  Really.  What difference does it make? We figure out exactly why the crowd was smaller for Trump than Obama. Some people don't like standing in the rain...

There were a bunch of women marching for something. They marched and marched and marched. We try to figure why. We take note of how few women demonstrate in the streets in Saudi Arabia.  Interest-free loans are pretty cool unless you have to give up your rights to obtain them.  We decide it's time to elect some women to public office!  High time! We agree with the marchers that women should not be abused. Then we get confused by some of the other stuff. It's suggested that maybe vulgarity should be the norm for the March for Life since it's working so well for the other folks.

I realize I'm wrong about almost everything. But, I keep talking anyway... Then we send the kids scurrying after a can of Pringles.

I end with some conversations I had with people I met after my show in Centralia, Washington.