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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

May 8, 2017

It's been a tough week for me, Carl. I kept forgetting to turn on the podcast thing and missed a whole bunch of stuff. So, I forced the Farkas Family (Tabby and Joe) and Andrew to talk about toilet paper a second time. It's not as good as the first time but you'll get the gist of it. We talk about how useless your butt is for determining softness.
There should be a standard for how much toilet paper a person uses. Plus, Joe confesses that he STANDS UP when he wipes. You must hear it to believe it!  (Again, it seems that whenever Tabby is on the podcast we talk about stuff like this. Coincidence?)
There are stories of awkward walking and hugs too.
Then I go to dinner with "Mrs. John". Lori and I talk about the weather. I'm worried about trees. She doubts me. Dinner goes pretty well but is wrought with disappointment for my wife. Lesson learned. Never set your heart on deep fried pickles. I query her to find out who else besides me will take her for prime rib dinner. 
I've got to meet with Peter Heck to discuss our upcoming conference.  I need to drive across town through the cold rain. Will I make it?
I made it.  Then I record some of the conversation with Pete but not all of it because he kind of whines and makes fun of me.  Then I use a word that I apparently don't know the meaning of.  Harry Truman comes up because that's the kind of thing that happens when Peter Heck talks.  I don't know East from West. I don't understand timezones. And I'm the one who's planning our road trip.  Pete makes plans to go to Cone Palace. It's closer than the Sea of Tranquility. We expose the scam that is 'snow cones'.
Finally, we're on the road to the 414 conference with the Peaches. Pete is in the back seat griping. I'm driving Mandy's Jeep which is a stick-shift. Everyone (except the Google nav voice) is nervous. Peaches can't tell her right from left. Eventually, we discuss the drainage council.  We hate mini-vans but eventually we all get one.
Mercifully, Pete puts his headphones in and begins ignoring us.

Jeff lane
almost seven years ago

So the fact that you survived the car to Danville is even more impressive maybe next we can do noon to 8pm so Pete wouldn't have to get up so early. Another t-shirt idea Sea of Tranquility Beach Club. #IamPkarlgh I see at the bottom we are discriminating against robots they soon be a protected class I am sure