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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Mar 13, 2017

Peaches comes over to discuss why she hates the Bible. Emmi has a runny nose and it falls to me to take care of the lass. It is gross beyond description. Turns out that the Bible is not a Jedi mind trick. We discuss whether or not we can believe this without destroying our Christian faith. While we talk, Emmi ransacks the room with astonishing quickness and efficiency. Peaches says being nice to people won't necessarily make them love Jesus. That's great news because she's rarely nice to people anyway. I'm not sure about praying for other people's salvation.  We talk a little bit about Calvinism, Carl. prepared...
We ask the question, "should we ask questions?" The goal of many Christians is to provide answers and asking questions demonstrates a lack of faith. But that's not what we think. Of course, we could be wrong. But we probably aren't. What do you think?
We also discuss the role of women in the church. So if you aren't angry with us about Calvinism, you can be angry about this. So which things are absolutely essential to Christianity? Emmi probably explains it but she talks like a baby so we can't understand her. I may upset Grandma Turbo with some stuff I say and that will be a problem because everybody likes her more than me. Peaches says women are like truck engines. She is SO OFFENSIVE I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!
Emmi interrupts our important conversation with peek-a-boo. It's adorable but terribly distracting. There is a video on the blog.
I'm doing an apologetics conference with Peter Heck on May 12th. You might want to come to it! And do you plan to see 'The Shack', Carl? We probably will but might wait until it's on DVD.
Then, Timothy shows up and tells us his plans to become Mayor of Kokomo. He is very passionate and optimistic. He's also far too honest to be successful in politics. We go back and forth about smoking in bars. We even mention walrus in jet-packs. The boy is a shoe-in.