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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Oct 9, 2017

EPISODE - The Brand New Branyans! I sit down with Tim and Marla for some marriage advice.
Tim and Marla have been making their marriage work for almost 14 days. What's their secret? I get to the nitty-gritty and learn everything.
First, Tim answers my question, "Why did you decide to get married?"
Tim keeps tapping on the table and you can hear it in the podcast. Sorry, Pkarlgh.  I kept forgetting to tell him to cut it out.
One of the startling revelations is that Tim thinks differently than Marla.  I'm almost rendered unconscious by this concept...
We contemplate why wives cheat on their husbands. (Yes. After 13 days of wedded bliss, we talk about infidelity. That's how we roll in this family.) Boredom is a big problem in relationships. What insight do the Branyan's have? Answer: "antiques".
Marla talks about what she misses about being single. 
One thing is that she didn't always breath air that contains a fart.
We talk about the belief that marriage is a Thrill-A-Minute. Two single people who are boring don't suddenly become a party when they get married.
Marla explains that's she's easy going until food is involved. What follows is a story about Tim mindlessly eating things out of the fridge that clearly do not belong to him. It gets intense for a bit!
Tim explains the purpose of food. (It's not for pleasure...)
I try to get Tim to tell me something weird about Marla. He struggles at first...but then gets into it.
We discuss what constitutes "quality time". (It isn't necessary wearing headsets during Call of Duty.)
Marriage isn't anthing like taking a cruise. This is my awesome analogy.
Marla cuts loose with her perspective on trust and submission. We can end the podcast here. She makes the most important point of the entire episode. I promise I didn't set her up to say this...
We try to figure out who is the "thinker" and who is the "feeler". Tim feels we might be mistaken. We think differently.
My phone rings.  It's Freight!  (I don't talk to him because we're podcasting.)
I tell a story about a couple from church who exemplify both the beauty and the horror of marriage.
The conversation meanders into what it means to say "God speaks through me."  Marla explains what a "love sandwich" is. I'm a little scared at first but it turns out to be okay.
Tim gets wound up talking about existence, gravity, black holes and some other stuff. As he spins off into existentialism and science, I start looking for a good point to end the podcast.
I never actually find one, but the podcast ends anyway.