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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Oct 23, 2017

EPISODE - We discuss our fabulous new idea for future podcast episodes!
I'm at the Peach's house today so the grandkids are integrated deeply into this episode.  (You should be used to this by now, Pkarlgh.)
We've got an idea for something we can do in future episodes to test our ability to articulate arguments.  It sounds like great fun to may be a horrible idea.  The Peaches makes a few suggestions for topics. I make a few suggestions.  But we're hoping YOU will have some suggestions, Pkarlgh.
If you have an idea for an argument you want me (or Peach) to articulate...let's hear it!  The goal is to assign us an argument THAT WE DON'T PERSONALLY HOLD.  In other words, make us defend somebody else's point of view.
Everywhere Emmi goes, she sees Elmo.  We should make this a movie...
Hey!  Maybe we should argue that 3-year olds are worse that 2-year olds!
I think we should make Amanda argue that the Patriarchy is a bad thing.  That would be really fun.
Then we discuss the purpose of this exercise. Why, on Earth, should we argue an opponent's point of view?
We probably need a studio audience to make this idea work best. Of course, we don't have a studio audience. And if we ever get a studio audience, somebody is going to have to take the grandkids out of the room.
Then, we lament that we don't have a way to contact important, recognizable smart people. We're just not insiders...
Eventually, Calvinism pops up again. Why?  Because Peaches is apparently OBSESSED with Calvinism. Perhaps it's beyond her control...?
Then, David Pendleton's exploits are revisited.  The podcast is here if you missed it:
What does forgiveness mean?  Is it correct to keep punishment in place after forgiveness is offered?  What do you think?
We need to decide whether or not to forgive Emmi for breaking into the pantry and opening chicken broth packages.
Peaches explains that it's hard for people to forgive and forget. She suggests that people kind of like hanging onto grudges.  I'm perplexed. I don't have a good enough memory to hold grudges... Peaches thinks I'm an alien.  I'll forgive her for saying that eventually.
We segue into clear communication and an unbelievable (in my opinion) criticism I received recently. I never dreamed somebody would be offended because I'm easy to understand.
Do give us your ideas for arguments, Pkarlgh.  Otherwise, we'll just make up our own!