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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Sep 11, 2017

In this EXTENDED EPISODE...The Farkas Family talks with me and Peaches about babies and socialism.  PLUS - Background noises provided by Emery Jane throughout the show!
Peaches knows the gender of her unborn child and refuses to tell us. Tabby has 100% success predicting the gender of children (prior to birth) and we quiz her about her own child.  I offer my guess based on sound, scientific investigation.
I try to explain how weird it is that we have a lot of Mike and Jennys. The kids don't think it's as weird as I do because they're pretty disrespectful. I try to explain another bizarre coincidence but screw up the details inviting even more mockery.
It is apparently illegal in the Farkas family to have a child in the month of August.
Eventually, we get around to criticizing Tabby because she accuses us of being argumentative when SHE is the one who argues. She tells us we're wrong which just proves our point.
I reveal the only things that REALLY matters to me. Then we attack Tabby for her outrageous views on minimum wage.
Tabby tells a story from where she works. We all decide that Tabby is actually a troll. She should live under a bridge and eat goats.
Then the Tabster hypothesizes that career women don't like their careers. This is such a shockingly anti-feminist view that I'm on the verge of fainting just typing this sentence.
Immigration comes up and we try to figure it all out because we're patriots who love our country. We fail. Sorry, America.
There is a problem with equating legality with morality. And the law shouldn't be broken just because there's a hurricane.
To some folks, separation of church and state means religious people should never speak in public. We are not those folks.
When we start talking about labor laws, we get into some disagreements. So we remind you, Pkarlgh, disagreements do not mean we hate each other.
Joe explains that employers want to pay employees the minimum possible. That's true. I have trouble convincing him that crappy employees are not desirable for the bottom line.
Generally speaking, insurance and health care is a gigantic mess. We don't figure this out either. Sorry, America (again).
I tell my aircraft engine repairman vs. floor sweeping guy story. It's something I'm very proud of that nobody else seems to appreciate.
Peaches explains that money is a symbol that represents an agreement. Nobody appreciates this sentiment either.
Morality and ethics can't be forced on anybody. Immoral people will break the laws.
I had a conversation with a friend who told me he didn't trust "rich people".  He didn't seem to understand that the government (who he did trust) was made up of rich people.
The episode closes with the Tabby and Joe leaving so Joe can sleep and Tabby can do some voice-over recordings. If you want to hire Tabby to sell your product, hit me up on Facebook and I'll put you in touch with her. (If you want to sell swimming pools, DEFINITELY get in touch with her.)