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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Apr 24, 2017

Grandma Turbo and Tim show up to help the Peaches and me struggle to find a topic. Eventually, Turbo voices a complaint and we are shocked !  Emmi is outraged!
Then, I take a drive with Andrew to school because his overly complex alarm system fails him. He's late for school but because he's a senior, he couldn't care less. We discuss his plans for the future. It doesn't take too long.  I tell him what I learned reading ceramic drink containers.
The Peaches brings Emmi over to chew on the dog's toys. There is a discussion about parents who can't leave their kids in the church nursery. And sometimes people don't believe God exists and these two things are related. I recount a tale of  the shoe less worship leader.
Maybe sermons should contain more swear words.
There's much talk about the wisdom of focusing church programs on people who don't go to church.
There's a story about the time the cops came to VBS to arrest Lori.
Kind of a hodge-podge this week but that's how some weeks go. 
Next week, I'm on the bus with the Poddy Break crew and there will be some discussion about that....