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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Jun 26, 2017

THIS EPISODE: Bed Wetting Philosophy with Kenn Kington. Recorded while I paced around the neighborhood waiting for Andrew to finish mowing a lawn. This is a good conversation, Pkarlgh!  I wish the telephone was a little clearer.
Kenn Kington starts with some cataclysmic pronouncements regarding laundry. This could change everything!
Turns out, you can turn a profit if you know how to operate a clothes dryer. And there are other benefits.
The historical reason why Kington has mastered the art of laundry is both provocative and inspirational. Society needs more responsible bed-wetters. That's all I'm going to say.
Guilt and embarrassment are normal parts of life. Kenn thinks we've lost the value of shame. I'm embarrassed that he would say that...
Kenn tells me about a baseball player who threw his career away because of past sins. 
We talk about honesty and my nephew's giant head. Goiters and birthmarks come up as well.
I think maybe everybody in heaven will have a purple face.
We exchange stories about how comedy does things we never expected or planned.
Andrew drives home from mowing the lawn and it's almost dramatic for a bit. Then Kenn tells about meeting the Prime Minister of Uganda and Andrew's driving is not that big a deal.
Kenn wants to be controversial next time he is on the podcast so we discuss a few topics that might make us fight with each other. I offer to let the Peaches talk about 'game theory' and the patriarchy...that'll upset EVERYONE.