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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Jun 19, 2017

THIS EPISODE: The Game Convention! and Father's Day!
In the car, Jason and I head to Columbus Ohio to get our 'geek on' at the game convention. We're meeting JT at the Convention Center and he is the original game geek. In fact, it's his fault that I am currently addicted. It's my fault that Jason is addicted. We are pretty jazzed about the trip and about finding a place to have lunch. We give a brief glimpse (very brief) at nightlife in the game convention...then we plunge into a game and forget to podcast anything.
We recorded some breakfast conversation but a baseball team was eating nearby and they were sooooooo noisy I couldn't use the recording.
Back in the car, Jason and I talk about metal dice and cooperative board games and the philosophical implications of each. On the drive home, we try to figure out if we'd pay 100 bucks for a dice tray. There's some road noise, but you're used to that by now...We discuss the games we bought and why we bought them. Then we talk about the greatest game of all time and choke back tears reminiscing. (This is the greatest game in the world I tell Jason about the time I played this game with Pendletons and thought they were hating it.  Then I demonstrate my deep love for "Lords of Waterdeep".  Then I give some valuable advice for how to make Yahtzee a much better game. Jason and I confess how we dominated at Dead Men Tell No Tales.  Then we find a Skyline chili and lose interest in everything else.
Then it's Father's Day and I try to get the family to explain what's wonderful about me. It's more difficult than I expected it would be. There's a great big spider on the wall and the conversation is dominated by that. Grandma Turbo shows up unexpectedly and throws around Silver ointment. Tabby and Joe show up too! Turbo makes a big announcement about her new adopted responsibility. 
The spider comes up again in conversation because Andrew is paranoid. Grandma Turbo explains how to get rid of spiders. Andrew offers his own method of pest disposal. Tabby offers her rules for showering with spiders.