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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Jan 23, 2017

Ted Cunningham on the phone this episode. The phone makes him sound cybernetic but he's actually a human being. We talk about Branson, Missouri because it's important to get things started with a bang!  Ted hijacks the label 'comedian' because nobody has the guts to call him out for it.  Then he offers some advice for how I can get more gigs by just deceiving people. Ted's a pastor so I ask him if comedy needs a 'message' or if laughter itself justifies comedy.  We pat ourselves on the back for being so relevant and interesting right off the bat!

Ted speaks a lot about marriage. So we talk about marriage. I ask him a question he's never been asked!!! It's amazing! I wasn't even trying! We talk about the topics that scare pastors. We talk about divorce and how sucky it is. We talk about how sucky it is to not be able to talk about how sucky divorce is. 

There are no perfect people. Gosh, I'm sick of hearing that! Ted sympathizes a little but because he's a pastor, he sort of tells me I need to chill. We kind of agree that sinfulness shouldn't be celebrated. Then we make fun of some nameless churches. Then we drastically simplify the process of researching quotes by ascribing everything to Milton Berle. 

Here's how to find more stuff about Ted: