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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Apr 3, 2017

I'm driving around with the Peaches (though it sounds like we're riding on the outside of a train) talking about the who controls the world. I received a helpful pamphlet from some door to door evangelists that answer this question.  Actually, my Dad received this pamphlet but I stole it from him before he had a chance to read it.
Peaches doesn't know the difference between Laurel and Hardy and Penn and Teller. I don't know what to think about this. Laurel and Hardy were important during her childhood years. And she's pleased when she learns that she understood a joke from that classic film. Also, she finally understands the joke from Mary Poppins about a pig with a wooden leg.
Then, I call out my son-in-law for listening to Tim Hawkin's podcast but not listening to mine! He flees instead of facing me...
We spent the afternoon at the McKinney house because my kids were going to fight with each other and I wanted to record the event. Lori lost her phone.  I put the fight into context. Peaches claims she is fearsome. Tabby allegedly has to work. My wife eats some weird stuff for lunch.
We consider going to do a remote podcast with Tabby. Then we talk about how Cami graciously forgives her brother for shoving her off a cliff.  Cami still loves him despite this kind of behavior.
Tim stands us up and I call him to confront him. He's on the phone and does a terrible job of defending himself. He refuses to admit he's a loser. Prideful whelp that he is...He doesn't even know who Carl is!  It's so sad.
Luke tells us what kind of movies he likes. Mandy doesn't like War Room and I'm appalled. Christian films are worthy of discussion so we discuss them. Christian novels are alike in so far as they're alike. Plot twists, foreshadowing, characters, we talk a bunch about movies and books. (Arrival we liked.) I give my impression of God's Not Dead and if you listen long enough, it's favorable (really).  Calvinism makes a brief appearance again (sorry).
The babies wake up and the decibel level climbs steadily. We can't tell you names of these babies but you can hear them in the background. Mandy recommends a television show to me. Reluctantly, I admit that TBN might be used by God. Peaches tells a story about a Muslim who converts to Christianity. It's pretty cool.
Luke describes the ideal Christian film. The Peaches suggests that they separate their children by gender and each parent raise them independently. Andrew describes the perfect Christian film.  The book is always better than the movie except for when it isn't.  We discuss reading levels in the US.
My first encounter with illiteracy blew my mind. Once you know how to read, you can't not-read stuff. We imagine what it would be like to not be able to read. Then we wonder if married people are still betrothed. Bad spellers are still smart. This upsets me but it's true.  Mispronounced words are common among homeschooled kids (at least at our house).
Lori rounds up the wild children and takes them to Rural King. We'll hear about that a little later, no doubt. Working on a theory as to why children are missing a sock when it's time to leave.
Sleepy people do funny things. They also pee in weird places. Dreams may reveal something about a person's self-confidence level. Or maybe not.  Luke explains how he has never failed. Ever.
A brief discussion of techniques for finding treasure (or trash) on the bottom of a lake.