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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Jul 10, 2017

THIS EPISODE: The infamous Jonnie W. Lots of comedy talk that's interesting to us and probably pretty dull for Pkarlgh but that's what happens when we don't operate with a script, or goals or even common sense. It's a phone call so Jonnie sounds very much like a Cylon (which isn't a bad thing, really.)
It all started with 8 minutes of hell. And went downhill from there. (I made up that second part.)  Jonnie and I talk a lot of "shop" in this episode. We get a brief "origins" story and then it's all comedy. 
Comedy often comes from shy, insecure people. Jonnie W. is no exception. Awkwardness is dreadful if you can't laugh past it.
Introverts and reclusive personalities seem to gravitate toward stand-up. Which is awkward...
Remember the groundswell of Christian comedy that swept the country a few decades back?  No?  That's because that never happened.
There's some secret talk about what happens on the Tim Hawkins tour bus.
Then we talk more about writing material, making our families laugh, insecurity and joy.
We try out some raw comedy from our notebooks. Raw comedy is always...raw.
Then it's over...
Go see Jonnie W's website:'s a little bit of the amazing David Kaplan (whom I discussed on the podcast)