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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Jul 3, 2017

THIS EPISODE: We're not going to make the Peaches personal issue a matter of universal importance.
The "Milk Mafia" returns. Peaches gives a spirit filled update on the state of breastfeeding awareness. And while this topic makes you squeamish, Pkarlgh, this isn't really all about breastfeeding. It's about self-awareness. It's about selfishness. And we discuss it with our usual irreverence. 
A girl was killed by an exploding can of whipped cream. This has to end...
We contemplate the ceremonial difference between the first child and the 2nd child's milestones. Peaches still claims to love her children equally but the evidence proves otherwise...
DISCLAIMER: There's some drama coming! Pkarlina received a vulgar Facebook post!  You've been warned...
I don't think it's strange to introduce yourself to people via printed flyers. Peaches thinks it's weird to put breast milk on breakfast cereal. She's so closed minded.
Attention and approval are kinda like drugs. When you get addicted, you never have enough.
Public rights are different from private rights. This is the real issue. (It's not about breastfeeding, really...) When you don't care what other people think of your behavior, you're often being a jerk. 
The application is this. Are there Christian people who treat their Christianity like breastfeeding?  (Yes! There certainly are!)
I give a super helpful illustration (using roller-blading) to reveal when you're behavior might be inappropriate.
We reminisce about sometimes when we had to do stuff we didn't really want to do and Cami terrorized other children in the church nursery.
Mom's are great. They really are!  And they're the most dangerous creatures on Earth at times.
There are no normal people. Everyone is abnormal. Everyone is terrible. Everyone.
Boys aren't supposed to hit girls and some girls are taking full advantage of that!

Kristine Thompson
over three years ago

Pkarlghina's goal is not to fit into culture and certainly not to preserve it, but to change it. Such is the agenda of every liberal.