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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Apr 17, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen, the battle begins! If you've ever wondered, "what does his family think of this?" ... this is the episode for you!
There is some joviality scattered throughout, but trust me...this is a fight. It's about as "nasty" as we get.
Sometimes my family doesn't understand me. Sometimes I don't understand them. And when this happens, we fight!
This is the rawest episode we've ever done. 
Our fights don't usually result in broken furniture (though Timothy can share a story sometime) but we occasionally need to clear the air. Feelings get hurt. Apologies need to be made.
Tabby and Tim are upset at Peaches and me for the way we talk on the podcast. And the way we write the blog. Tim and Tabby are 'feelers'. Peaches and I are 'thinkers'. This is the basis for the blow-up.
Tim doesn't think I should mess around in the blog comment section (sorry Carl).
Tabby doesn't like the conversations splashing over into 'family time'. We drink some of Andrew's Sangria soda pop.
It's a good discussion since the T's (Tabs and Tims) articulate exactly the criticism that comes from other Christians about what we do. It kind of stings, frankly.
The T's accusation is that we enjoy making people look foolish. We merely view the commentary as entertainment. Tim's term is, "Battle Buddies".
Tabby raises a pretty good point with Mandy's beef about J.K. Rowling.
Eventually, we have to figure out if it's worth it to say true things when it's going to cost you friends. And what, exactly IS the end goal?
Some squabbling breaks out because I promised food and didn't deliver (but I did). 
Everybody starts talking at once and it's hard to hear anything but I think I get called out for being an old guy who doesn't understand how the internet works. The kids defend the folks who argue with me.  Also, I'm mean.
Tabby summarizes her wishes. It's hard to hear but she's expressing her feelings. (I'm ALWAYS uncomfortable when feelings are expressed...)
Tim still thinks we're 'ineffective'. Tim doesn't need Mandy's help. We get a phone call so Tim makes fun of me for still having a phone at home.
Then we blow Tim's mind with the idea that some people are just not going to like us and we're okay with that. Then I tell my sewer analogy which doesn't seem to impress everyone as much as I thought it should.
Tim and Mandy fight about the Pony Express (essentially). There is an odd question from Tim and he doesn't like Mandy's answer. It appears that without Yahoo Messenger, Amanda would still be single.
Then Tabby observes that we don't poop rainbows. Tim thinks I'm a douche.
Farkas family exits but not before everybody talks over each other again.
Tim and Mandy go back and forth for awhile. It is amazing how these two came from the same set of parents!
In the end, we're going to be okay I think.