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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

May 1, 2017

This week, I travel the world. Starting out on the bus with Tim Hawkins' crew I expose the inner secrets of Poddy Break. We'll peer behind the curtain to reveal the truth about this alleged 'off the cuff' phenomenon.  I try to figure out what Trigonometry is used for too.  We field a few questions from listeners for the Poddy Break gang.  We discuss children's artwork. Tim confesses that he always thought he was great at everything.
Apparently, Eskimos have 100 definitions for snow but we have no proof of that. I'm criticized for my pronunciation of 'era'. Robots are worse but nobody criticizes them. Tim is worried about artificial intelligence. We wind down the first part of the Poddy Break episode when we wake Freight up. I've got some criticism for these guys, but you'll have to listen to Poddy Break to hear it.  (We're overlapping episodes!! How cool is that!) Then things fall off the rails and I switch off the recorder for awhile...
The recording from my show in West Virginia is totally awful. Can't use it.  I did capture a short exchange with a guy in the audience though. He talks about farts. (To be clear, I started it...). It's inspirational.
I've got a few things to discuss with Carl on the way home from West Virginia. (God, Evil, toll booths and Pop Tarts).
Then...we finalize the Poddy Break episode. It's pretty noisy on the bus...sorry. Couldn't do much to fix the audio.
We talk about cats, chickens, and Bob Ross. Plus, what's the best thing to watch when you want to fall asleep?