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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Feb 6, 2017

*** Warning ***  

This episode is kinda blunt. This is how we talk in real life. You've been warned.

I'm getting over being pretty sick. Peaches is not sympathetic because she's pretty hard-hearted. She brags about not puking for decades. Whoopie doo! Then we talk about girls who are stupid. Once again, we hint at how great the Patriarchy is. Wisdom is hard to get. And then we construct a totally fictional scenario that absolutely has nothing to do with people we know in real life. Our fictional girl is stupid too...

To accompany our discussion, Emmi bangs my merchandise against a floor lamp.

It's decided that drugs and criminal incarceration impact families negatively. BUT WE'RE NOT JUDGING! (Hypothetically).  Then we talk about how sex confuses everybody but not enough to give us a moment's pause before engaging in it. Sometimes, church folks don't say things that should be said. And what is compassion?  Really.  What the heck is compassion??! Sometimes babies take hostages. Strength is what Dad needs to stand against the wrath of his daughter. Then, "IT'S CLOBBER VERSE TIME!"  We decide there's a difference between lust and love. And I review the movie "Brokeback Mountain" (finally!)