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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Jun 5, 2017

I'm at the Christian Comedy Association convention today, Pkarlgh! Gonna be A LOT of weird interviews next week (maybe for the rest of my life). So stay tuned.
I'm setting up the Springapalooza show with Peter Heck because we're small potatoes and we can't afford a road crew. You can listen in while I helpfully carry around my recorder and Peter does stuff. There's a strict dress code and I enforce it with one of the other performers.  I dial a telephone. We are trapped inside the theater. We died of starvation. That's not true. Instead, we disconnect America from the internet and I play one of the greatest songs of all time for Peter and he doesn't appreciate it because he's a grouch.
Then the podcast moves to Pizza Hut where we discuss Luke's most recent show while pasta flows like water.  Luke makes a suggestion for how Andrew should make a living after graduation. He's probably going to be living in my basement for a century. I quiz Lori to see if she remembers what I told her about pizza being proof that God exists. (She doesn't.) The Peaches offers a philosophy about plants and gluttony. Andrew weaves a few tales about his lawn mowing experiences (lots of bees). Lori and I kinda of argue about desire to learn. Emmi makes a lot of noise in her high chair... The kids are amazed that I don't want to learn how to build a trebuchet. We end with a sad story about a ruined strawberry dessert.
Peaches and I finish last week's discussion about the pregnant girl who wasn't allowed to walk across the stage at her graduation ceremony.  We make excuses for ourselves making excuses. The idea that 'it could happen to anybody' is wrong. Some stuff won't ever happen if you don't want it to.  And even in a hurricane, shoplifting is wrong. I tell Peaches what she taught me when she was a tiny baby.