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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Feb 20, 2017

Peaches helped the kids make a 'smash cake' and Cami explains the purpose of such a thing. Luke may win an award so he gets a cake too. Family makes cake whether you deserve it or not. Everyone makes an effort to surprise Daddy when he comes home. It's surprising.  It makes Daddy happen when everyone thinks about him.  Even if they're not thinking about the fact that he doesn't like cake.  I reveal my favorite childhood gift for my parents. We reminisce about Andrew's sculptured gift for Amanda. We will interview Andrew in a future podcast so he can talk about his tiny birds and mud projects.
For some reason, Peter Heck is popular. He's also late to this podcast! I arrange to converse at a local restaurant where the music is too loud and we get interrupted by Pete's minister. I help identify a Peanut's character. We change tables at Pete's request. After assuring me of his status as a 'big deal', he unsuccessfully attempts to get a waitress to bring him a tea. Do you know who America's largest President was?  You will after this!  We philosophy about the way people slip their workout into conversation. Neither of us work out but that doesn't stop us from judging those who do. Crossfit. You know?
Why is Peter so entertaining?  Why? It makes no sense! So instead of fighting it, we go with it. We discuss people who are difficult to interview. I have to explain the difference between Jerry Lewis and Jerry Lee Lewis because Peter is kinda dim. We talk about how movies aren't bad just because they're black and white. We ignore a local city councilman because Pete is prideful. Then we start talking about why bad things happen to good people. This is a subject that garnered much criticism from (bad) people.  Who deserves to burn in hell, me or Pete?  It's a tie except for tea gift cards.
Is it pretentious to call a blog, "blog space"?  I say no. Pete says yes. Then we read some criticism from a Canadian atheist (who also deserves to burn in hell). Football is an analogy for real life. Bill Belichick melts Pete's heart with one mispronunciation. Which Superbowl ad was best? And did you notice that Lady Gaga and flying drones are a great halftime show?  We discuss Epicurus' question about God's existence.  We talk about the atheist response to the existence of evil. I can't's pretty dull. Scratch that. It's VEEEEEEERRRRRRY dull. You should fast forward through it.  Summary: If you can't express yourself succinctly, you probably don't know what you're talking about.  If you really want to serve God, don't do whatever Pete is doing.
Christians are fraidy-cats sometimes. We judge people because we're qualified. We have some advice for people who want to avoid being killed. Peter is narrow minded about being open minded. Perhaps, someday, in the distant future, we can have conversations without the goal of 'destroying people'.
Daylight savings time makes it hard to raise children.