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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Oct 30, 2017

EPISODE - Several people have asked us to comment on this video and we aim to please!
Luke joins the Peaches and me on this episode!  As usual, he doesn't talk much because he speaks quality rather than quantity. (Different from me.)
Collin has spent the day playing Star Wars and the Peaches thinks that's ruined him for the day.
Privilege is certainly a thing that exists. It's got nothing to do with skin color. It has much to do with culture and family values. With the proper perspective, privilege is a great thing.  
We talk about our friend Nikki behind her back because she's hilarious, not because she's black.
Conversation shifts to scolding people to Jesus. We're all for it!
Mandy tells about the time taught Cami about grace. It's my favorite Cami related story. It always makes me cry (in a manly way).
Judges and forgiveness and the woman caught in adultery. So many sermons preached about many bad sermons. When we think we love people more than God, there's a huge problem.
Atheists and Christians are preaching the same doctrine!  This is a problem too.
The Tower of Siloam is in Luke 13.  Jesus talked differently to those folks than to the adulteress. Nobody preaches this passage...
My burning building analogy is spot on!  SPOT ON!  I really should write a book.
The last word goes to Luke and I can't tell for sure if he's making fun of me or being complimentary.