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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Oct 16, 2017

EPISODE - Me and a ventriloquist go to war with Cedarville University!
Prepare for battle, Pkarlgh!  David Pendleton is on the podcast again and he has a tale to tell.  (I'm eating pizza during the first few minutes of this broadcast so you might here some mild chewing and swallowing.)
We start with a gentle criticism this beloved podcast. It's fine. I can take it.  Then we reminisce about the last podcast where Dave and I engaged in mortal combat and tried to kill each other because of Calvinism.
Then, Dave spends waaaay too much time apologizing for being arrogant.  (You know how we feel about arrogance, Pkarlgh.  We LOVE IT!  We embrace it!) But Dave goes on and on about how he doesn't know as much about the German Baptist Church as German Baptists. Blah...blah...blah...whatever. 
I threaten to break a chair over Dave's head so he moves on to another point.
He insists that he wants to have a conversation with any GB who's interested. You can reach him at   He is critical of the German Baptist Church and unapologetically so. Let him know it if he's wrong!
Criticism is a crucial part of growth.  David thinks it's important to season criticism with kindness.  I say, "Nah."
As usual, controversy surrounds my pal Dave. There is just no containing this man. His unbridled enthusiasm for the truth takes him to the German Baptist Love Feast (which isn't as kinky as it sounds). It is there that all hell breaks loose...
Then we get into Dave's newest story. He sent Cedarville University into upheaval. I'm surprised you haven't heard about it, Pkarlgh. It was such a spectacular display of sinister shenanigans...sit down and prepare to be SHOCKED!
After his shocking revelation, David admits that he's remorseful. He attempts to receive absolution for his sins and receives forgiveness...but not really.
So the question of the hour is: "What does it mean to be forgiven?"  Does forgiveness wipe the slate clean?  Or do we still have to pay for sins for which we have been forgiven?
A lady thought about making Dave a sandwich. Then decided not to.
Pendleton thinks it'll be okay if a GB decides to wash his feet. He doesn't think the other folks will react negatively. I think he's wrong.  But what do I know...  I tell him my favorite quote I heard from an elder at my church.
We discuss whether or not it's appropriate to pray that God changes someone's mind. Then we get into a fist fight about it and Dave throws me through a window.
Since grade school, I've been inspired by George Washington Carver. I'll tell you why.