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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Mar 19, 2018

This Episode - We give Pkarlgh some advice about breaking up.

Love is complicated. We love you too much, Pkarlgh, to let you flounder in your relationships. Christian girls do what they think is right, and that's part of the problem.  The Peaches gives the details of her own craziness. High expectations lead...

Mar 12, 2018

This Episode - Joe eats powdered leaves and we discuss a podcast I heard about mental health.

Farkas Family pops in (no baby yet) and Joe voluntarily swallows a teaspoon of powdered moringa. Pkarlgh, feel free to send us suggestions for weird food Joe should eat on his birthday. The Peaches and I drive to Topeka and she...

Mar 5, 2018

This Episode - I achieve my best life now!

I'm playing a board game with the crew from Tim Hawkins tour. It's impossible to describe. You'll just have to listen, Pkarlgh.

Feb 26, 2018

This Episode - Evil is alive and well even though nobody believes it.

Peaches talks about a book she got for Febmas. Emmi talks about something that even her mother doesn't understand. Godless thought requires abandoning the idea of evil which is utterly useless.  (Emmi has some insights but we can't understand...

Feb 19, 2018

This Episode - People First Language

Collin informs me that he's not allowed to blow up his friends. Peaches gets blown up for putting Down's Syndrome in the wrong part of her sentences.  We think it's worse to abort children for having Down's Syndrome than to call them "Down's Syndrome children" but that probably just...