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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Jul 31, 2017

THIS EPISODE: Lori and I take a trip to Anchorage, Alaska! We hang with the mastermind sister-act of Black Sheep Comedy. (Oh, and there's a chicken update too.)
News on the chicken front, one of the 'gals' is mean. Mean I tell you!  Andrew helps us try to figure out the reason for her 'fowl' attitude. There's a life lesson in here somewhere. We don't find it though. And Rambo comes up in the conversation.
Lori and I head to Alaska. I share a story of fishing captains feeding sandwiches to the crew. (Not my story, I've never been a commercial fisherman.)
Angi Stubbs shows up and drives us (as best she can) around Anchorage. We try to put our heads together to try and figure out where to hide a rock. Yes...we hide a rock in Alaska.
I can't use the word 'obviously' anymore.
Angi tells us a little about her parents since we're living under their house. Jerry taught me a lot about fishing and telephones in the short time we were there.
We almost get into a fight discussing how women imitate men's voices.  Fortunately, we pass the exit for the zoo. Angi feeds me a bunch of propaganda about the local game preserve and makes fun of men for the way they decorate.
We head into Treeline which is a deck building/pile driving business (I think) to pick up Jeanine. Before we get in, Angi tells us a story about bear spray.
Then, in the car with Angi and Jeanine, we talk about which other comics should come to Alaska. You can vote if you like, Pkarlgh. We talk about how awesome I am (and when I say 'we', I mean 'I').
We make an emergency stop at the gas station. Angi dashes into the gas station and we talk about her future. Cinnamon bears! Alaskan people don't know how to properly open a package of candy.
We talk about sheep breeding. (Not my idea...) We talk about my terrorist text to Angi. (Also not my idea...)
If you have a bad experience in Alaska, it might be your fault. Some moms witness a lot of disasters.  We never do see a moose either.
Discussions of the colorful characters in Anchorage. Some dude makes a pass at Jeanine. Lori and Jeanine say stuff that they won't repeat (and I still don't know what they said).
We finish with Angi impersonating some kind of human trafficker (badly).