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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Jul 24, 2017

THIS EPISODE:  On tour with Tim Hawkins and the Poddy Break Crew. Lots of talk about pretentious sweat pants, Pkarlgh. If you are on the fence regarding Lulu Lemon...this is the podcast for you.
Backstage with Tim Hawkin's crew while we try to figure out what to eat for lunch. Josh tries to convince me that $100 bucks is reasonable for a pair of sweat pants.  And Josh, the merch guy, helps keep me informed on the important topic of which side of the stage he will come from. Plus T-shirt distribution strategy.
Lots of behind the scenes information about the secret to Caleb's sense of well being. And even more discussion of Lulu Lemon.
Dave Lower (our promoter) gives a matter of fact opinion that gives perspective to the boys. He is, of course, ignored.
Then we re-open the debate about 'comfortable'. We will never settle this issue but that will not stop us from fighting about it for the rest of our lives. The comfort question spills over into a debate about queso, guac and breaded chicken.
Foolishly, I allow the conversation to turn toward board games so the crew can mock me again. Whatever. 
We make plans to go to the gun show and see some kind of animal water-ski. (** SPOILER ** It's a squirrel...)
Then, we get on the bus and prepare to record an episode of Tim's Poddy Break.
Freight uses a naughty word for drunk (which I cut out) and then we admire Tim's pants because we love America.
We have a conversation about names and people who should change theirs.
Then we bring Tim up to speed on the skiing squirrel. 
See the spectacle (and Freight's reaction) here: