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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Apr 30, 2018

Michael O'Brien joins me and The Peaches on this episode.  He is a great singer but in my opinion, an even better conversation partner.  We discuss marriage, adultery, homosexuality and modesty. If it wasn't for Michael "O", I'd probably never hear the word 'fornication' used on the podcast!

I have to apologize for the...

Apr 25, 2018

Hey Pkarlgh,

This is the first episode of what I'm calling "The Comedy Round Table". It's me and some of my comedy buddies throwing new material at each other.  That's the theory anyway.  This first episode is mostly Bob Smiley taking potshots at me.

I haven't decided whether or not this will become a recurring thing on...

Apr 23, 2018

We missed last week, Pkarlgh.  We'll explain ourselves in this episode. There is a lot of crunching and chip bag rustling. Ignore it.

Sometimes we have a hard time with people we love. Sometimes they don't understand us. Sometimes they break our recording equipment. Peaches decides that I'm not doing a good job of...

Apr 21, 2018

Things went sideways this week, Pkarlgh.  It's never my intention to disappoint you!  The podcast didn't get published on Monday because of a personal catastrophe. We'll tell you about it on Monday.  Stay tuned!

This is a short (very short in fact) message to let you know I'm still alive and we'll be back with a full...

Apr 9, 2018

Turning over a new leaf, Pkarlgh. Tabby isn't happy with the quality of our podcast so she's here to set us straight. We've got an update from Pkarlinagh (and that is the first time I've tried to spell it that way). Tabby doesn't turn around when she hears her brother's name. Who (or what) is "family"? It's possible to...