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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Jul 17, 2017

THIS EPISODE:  Bob Smiley joins me (and The Peaches) in our first-ever VIDEO CONFERENCE PODCAST!  It is a technological marvel. We talk pretty frankly about divorce. 
I forgot to record the first technological marvel so this is our 2nd conversation. I'm not to be trusted with technology. I need supervision...
Bob talks about his many podcast invitations from people who are just as inept as me.
Bob talks about divorce, marriage and online dating. His divorce has affected his comedy in several big ways. It has also impacted his Halloween costume storage options.
After admitting that Peaches is even stricter than God, there is lots of talk about integrity and vows. Maybe we should change our wedding vows to better reflect our intentions.
Marriage will always be assaulted by trials including facial hair experiments. And changes in deodorant.
Married people need to be clear about the deal breakers if they exist.
Peaches compares marriage with child rearing. It's a little weird but she might be right. Selfishness affects all relationships, not just marriage. Bob has some insight on this topic. He's also painfully ignorant of Bonanza characters.
Then Bob talks about dating after 18 years of marriage. It fascinates me and bewilders me at the same time. Plus terrifies me. I try to ask a question and end up saying stupid things that might offend you, Pkarlgh. This is what happens when you produce a podcast without editing.
"First dates are just looking for the crazy." And maybe your "picker" is broken.
Peaches, the hopeless romantic, explains her clinical, calculated thought process for selecting a mate.
Bob actually gives us a tour of his walk in closet.  You can see it on the blog. (Beware of motion sickness.)
We finalize with the thought choosing someone is better than needing someone.
Then Bob disconnects without saying goodbye...

Kari Agnew
over three years ago

On the passage people use to justify their divorce if the other person cheats, Jesus was talking to the Pharisees and he knew they were trying to trick him. When he got off to himself with his disciples, then he said there is NO reason for divorce. If you are not a believer, then you can divorce for adultery. If you are, then he is saying you need to work through whatever is happening and make it work. A lot of people use that in the church to justify the divorce, it isn't Biblical and the verse is being used out of context.