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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

May 15, 2017

What is a good name for a fish? Cami and Collin answer this important question. The Peaches tells us the name of a kid she met at daycare who should grow up to be a supervillain. Emmi sings a song she learned in Sunday School. Lyrically, it needs work but we think it's adorable anyway.
Then I drive to Lafayette to meet with one of our favorite people, Al Serhal! I'm looking forward to a spirited conversation. It'll be great!
Then I drive home after my conversation with Al Serhal which he won't let me record. So I gripe about what a loser he is. Then I decide to stop in and visit grandma Turbo (another favorite on the podcast). THIS is also a disappointment!  It's a crushing series of failures but I soldier through admirably.
Peaches and I discuss ADHD for a few minutes. But I can't focus long enough to have any answers. I try to capture Collin sleeping but I'm too late. He awakes! I record a few unhappy groans but no good snores. I come up with a brilliant idea for 'part time children'. I'm not sure how to implement it though since I'm pretty sure it's illegal.
I take some pot pies out of the microwave and disaster strikes. A few moments of reflective thought brings revelations about the conduct at Mexican Restaurants. Forks are the chosen instrument for eating pot pies. Over some piping hot pot pies, Peaches and I discuss something that I told her not to talk about until we started the podcast. The millennials think they can have careers that are just about themselves. Famous is an occupation now! (It's also Cami's birthday.)
True to form, we criticize things we don't fully understand and then turn around and contradict our criticisms when Peaches brings up 'The Brick Show'.  Then, I say one of the most ironic things I've ever said.
We talk about doing right when nobody notices. Maybe heroes are laying underneath toilets and we mostly don't ever see them. 
"A Day In The Life of John Branyan" would be a dreadful program. Positively dreadful...