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John Branyan's Comedy Sojourn Podcast

Jan 16, 2017

This episode starts with my long, sad drive from Atlanta to Indianapolis. Not the WHOLE drive because it's too depressing. I'm reading a book about how people think and I try to explain it but I'm a little too tired from hours of travel to make any sense.

Peaches and I, sans children, discuss the meaning of 'family'. We sort of make fun of people who refer to pets as family (sort of...pretty much).  Then we sort of make fun of a couple of men who are distraught when they realize they can't be fathers together (pretty much again). Eventually, we get around to discussing the oppressive, hard-hearted reality that we call 'Biology'. Surrogacy comes up and the conversation becomes controversial and we may alienate Carl but it can't be helped. We never edit these conversations and sometimes I regret that decision. Here's the article we reference so you know we weren't just making stuff up:

We wonder about frozen babies waiting to be thawed. We wonder about when life acquires a soul. We don't really produce many answers after all this wonderment.  If you think school is boring, imagine the poor teacher who has to do it year after year with no hope of graduating! Peaches teaches me how to know which months have 31 days. I may throw away all my calendars...

I draw upon the wisdom of my chain-smoking grandmother and we agree that the internet makes it possible for us to be smart and lazy at the same time.  Cami reveals the marvels of multiplication without even realizing it. 

All of this concludes with this important truth...I hate doing puzzles. Then Mandy reveals that my son-in-law (her husband, Luke) never has nightmares because he's a weirdo.